Saturday, 21 November 2009

A Wisp

There is such a contradiction between the desire to dip ones toes into every corner of the universe supping a myriad possibilities; and on the other hand, to make the most of our own personal garden, wringing from it all that is offered.

It is difficult to do both, especially as we grow older (speaking at 73 years). I suppose that we might choose one path at a time, depending on our circumstances, and thus benefit from both at various moments?

This wisp from my thoughts was prompted by an email from Smita Tewari, encouraging me to write more at a time when my being wishes to lie dormant awhile, meandering among my thoughts and experiences.

Do you share my feelings?  Tell me in a comment and we can chat about it. 

The photograph is one I took during a wander through The Eco Village at Currumbin, now developing in south-east Queensland.  The village is a lovely happening, burgeoning gradually into an intriguing community.  This sculpture of fence posts is an introduction to an area of parkland, and incorporates a bicycle rack ... a small installation which characterises the love and care involved in this project. 
Have you had experience of communal living?  There are so many different styles ... This one at Currumbin is highly organised in the hope of ensuring success, and has won the Prix d'Excellence as the world's best environmental residential development, declared as such earlier this  year.