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Gob Smacking Stats on Short Stories in the Blogasphere

Where the brain whirrs ...

I've often wondered how short stories and poetry would play out in the blogasphere.

Would good quality original work in creative writing survive in the intensely stimulating environment of the net?

Would readers tarry awhile when with a click they could choose to move onto other worlds?

So in June I began launching my babies onto the web in
Journeys in Creative Writing and came up with interesting results.

I didn't expect a huge explosion of readers for my stories and poetry, but a lot more people are coming than I would have thought. And I have been happy that the majority do visit again - and often.

Six per cent of people have visited more than 50 times
each in the past month!

Mind you most don't make their presence known with a comment. More's the pity because I love feedback. No, they mostly visit and move on just like so many shadows in the night, as is the wont of the web.

Google Analytics tells me they've been around, however, so I have to believe it.

Google won't tell me how many blogs are in my group, except to say that there have to be at least one hundred (or many thousands). I must face the fact that I'm probably in the one hundred end of the scale.

My average visit is 7.54 minutes long when it is a mere 18 seconds for all categories of measured blogs of my size. All books and literature blogs in my category attract only 32 second visits on average.

The big number is that eight per cent of
my visitors stay for 30 minutes or more!
Take a bow June!

The differences in behaviour between nationalities is interesting. I'm getting visitors from many countries, which is gratifying. They've come from India, Canada, Hungary, Italy, Fiji, Thailand and Malaysia, as well as the USA, UK, New Zealand and Australia.

Australians actually spend an astonishing average of 11.32 minutes on my site with 3.1 pages viewed.

The USA, where I have half as many visitors, only stay 32 seconds and look at 1.33 pages. UK people pause for 1.19 minutes for average of 1.60 pages.

I can understand that Australians would be more interested in my subject matter (being mostly Australian), but the others do keep coming back ...

Does this point towards a theory that the attention span of some cultures is waning, or perhaps that they've become trapped into doing everything at a great rate of knots?

It seems that readers enjoy my stories when they do come.

I suspect that my biggest enemy is the huge number of rubbish writers out there. People surfing the net have perhaps given up on finding decent fiction in the blogasphere.

However, I must come to the conclusion that short stories are not dead, but alive and kicking. That the blogging community is very happy to pause a while and take in some good old fiction - if it's decent quality.

Human beings are a fascination.

And there's nothing arrogant about me. I just know I can write!

Have any other web writers had some interesting experiences they'd like to share?
And please pause a little longer to read my re-write of The Emperor's New Clothes - below.


  1. Yes June you really can write! Looks like you are well set up to do your blogging/writing.

    Your stats are very interesting. I do not even pretend to know what mine mean but the great thing is your readers are staying for a while so they are reading your stories (and staying for a long time). And, better still, they are coming back. Sometimes it's harder to leave comments on short stories perhaps more than the general posts. I find asking the readers questions gets people to comment. I do not have a typical writing blog though although I do intend to focus more on this side of things. I have also started networking more with other blogs. I read five writer's blogs but only one other short story blog. Are there some writing networks around on the web that you can join I wonder? I just joined Where the Blog Are You? - the link is on my site. It's for Australian blogs and has just started (not specifically for writers though but may bring readers which is waht you want). The fact you have only started your blogs in June means you are doing extremely well. I have been doing this since late January and it takes time - I have only noticed a difference in the last couple of months. Congratulations!

  2. Thanks for your generous tips Lilly. I have been networking with many others, but finding decent short stories sites is difficult. I don't want to seem snobbish, but I have become impatient with the standard of the writing blogs I have found, in the main.
    I am drawn to people who can write (that's why I'm in touch with you so often - plus of course your big heart). There - we're a mutual admiration society!
    There are lots of other writing sites though and I'm gradually weeding through them.
    I am quite satisfied with the way my numbers are growing. As you pointed out, the most positive things are that people are staying quite a time, and coming back.
    I suppose my post was me being a journalist - picking things apart.
    I noted Where the Blog Are You? and fully intend joining.
    The Australian Index sends a few my way - you may be interested ...
    Actually my first post didn't hit until July, so that's okay. I began my other blog 70 Plus and Still Kicking about the same time and it's doing even better - but I'm not surprised that's more popular - less concentration is necessary.

  3. HI June, I'll finally leave you a comment. I am one of the guilty ones. Since you first visited me, I have been popping by just about every day. I like your material, and intend on checking out your other blogs.

    I do need to read you Re-Write, every time I get started, for some reason there is a distraction. Dog fight, problems in the neighborhood, any number of things. I guess I'll just have to quite being a nosy neighbor, and read your story.

    There are a number of writing clubs and social sites out there that could help you. I am a member of GoodReads.Com. It is mostly a book lovers site, but there are a number of authors that are members. Also check out, they have groups for reading, and so on.

    I sometimes find it hard to locate good short story or blog novels. They are out there though, and I keep finding a few. That is why I do the Mondays writers of the Web series.

  4. Hi June, You really are funny! I can always be sure of a laugh and a surprise when I visit you, God, I wish it was as easy to visit bodily rather that Bloggily - if ya know what I mean.. When I transferred me air ticket in order to visit you I really thought I'd made a boob and pressed the wrong buttons, the screen had gone all dotty!!! very swish missus... have you been caught by the decorating bug? he's got to you too huh ? Guess it must be the time of the year, when we all look around at our decor and decide to have a right clearout and redo our abodes - I am going through a real big 'thought process' about my own (house redo) whether or not it's gonna get done of course is anyone's guess ! I mean I can lie in bed at night and plan it all out - First the hall, then the Living Room, then the Dining Room and lastly the spare Bedroom cum Computer Room... then (in my head you understand) I start to paint the gloss-work - next comes deciding which colour I'm going to paint the walls.... of course, If I had a go at decorating I would be swimming in perspiration and I would not get anything done - courtesy of Menopause - argghh ! (that's my excuse- so nothing gets done again this year)... OK that's enough yakking about nothing for tonight!Yeah I know, I don't half talk a load of rubbish at times.
    Cheers for now, Kate x.

  5. Love your rubbish Kate - keep churning it out.
    Yes, Journeys has gone dotty. I always felt the other template wasn't 'me'.
    I'm pleased you got Emperor's Clothes. Eric (above) didn't knowe the characters but got the message. Did you recognise the (very Australian)characters? Or just the universal sentiment?

  6. Eric - I see you've now read Emperor's New Clothes and I left a reply near your comment.
    Thanks for your tips. Yes, I do know and they send me referrals too.
    I'll look at
    Thanks for coming so often. Writing fiction is a perilous task - you don't quite know if you're doing okay or not unless you get feedback. The fact that my readers are staying so long is good anonymous feedback though ...I shouldn't be greedy, but I am!In that way anyhow.
    Keep away from those dog fights.

  7. You know I have always enjoyed your writing and love coming over here to read your stories. I think one problem is finding the time to do it all. I read a lot or try to but since I retired it seems I have less time than when I worked. The kids are always needing something, and I am going a mile a minute. It gives me great pleasure to be able to sit down, relax, and read a nicely written short story like the ones you create. Keep up the good work June!

  8. I loved this blog, and plan to spend some more time on it. Writing is a need for me, and your struggle is inspiring. Nothing comes easy. We can all learn from you.

  9. Hi Judy
    That's the thing about trying to get interest re short stories on the web - it's a mile-a-minute existence and short stories (and other 'literature' - I have the temerity to call my work that) may not fit in.
    There is nothing like curling up with a book - can't see myself reading an entire volume on the web. But I think short stories have a niche and I seem to be proving that - slowly. Or perhaps not so slowly - I'm just impatient. Three months isn't long for an experiment is it?
    Thanks for your support, as ever.

  10. Rani,
    Welcome to my journeys ...
    I just peeked at your blog Artisan of Words, and pleased I did.
    I can see that you have many stories to tell - a life that encompasses the contrasts of New Delhi and Paris must be intriguing.
    I will look forward to our acquaintance.
    June in Oz

  11. Hi June,
    I love the short story application to blogs and yours are exceptional. As you know I actually apply short stories to my paintings. I didn’t know anything about blogging (obviously) or ‘art blogs’ when I started this past March. I hadn’t even read a blog! I started one only at my agent’s suggestion. I felt I should put something more interesting down than just the specs of the art. (You know- “I did this and then I did that.”) The little stories came as a logical and successful answer for me also. People respond to them and my art.

    But anyway, your stories are wonderful and I will be sure to leave comments also.

    I wanted to suggest you look at Feedjit on the very bottom right side of my blog. It tells you who came to your blog, what post they looked at and where they went when they left. It’s a very cool little widget I think you’d enjoy it even more than Google Analytics. And if you want it- there’s a ‘Get Feedjit’ at the base of it.

  12. Hi Vikki
    First, you seem very hard on yourself - you may not have known a lot about blogging (I'd venture to say that few of us did) - but my goodness you've made a great fist ot it. The Red Chair Gallery is magical.
    Thanks for your words about my stories - my cheeks are pink. Seriously though it really does help to have some feedback - especially if it's from someone who enjoys ones work. You have some good advice as well - I have the feedjit map but I think the live feed is even better and will take steps. Thank you.

  13. Isn't it great to see where people are coming from! I wish more would leave comments.

    I'm happy to have stumbled upon your site and I'm enjoying your writing as I write this...well not just as I write it, but you know.

    --Sam Grace also from Perfectly Cursed Life

  14. Hi Sam
    Just had a look at 'Perfectly Cursed Life' and left a calling card! Welcome to my fold at Journeys. Really pleased to chat to someone who enjoys short stories!
    Hope your 'Body Chronic' is behaving for you.


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