Thursday, 10 July 2008

PARENT IN PAIN - a poem by June Saville

Parenthood can spawn the most precious of life's moments, but there are times we don't speak about, when we may experience thoughts and feelings that we don't admit even to ourselves:

They withdraw and return, at will.
We stand punished
For unnamed transgressions.
They need. We need.
They need not to need,
Brutal in their desire for independence.

Oh, the unfairness of being a parent
Aware of the requirement NOT to cling.
Our burden … begin letting go
From the moment of birth.
We live by that creed, however difficult.
However unrecognised.
A helpmate when required.
A punching bag ...
As necessary.

The good times outweigh the bad.
I think.

I know
That right now I feel a wrenching hurt ...
A knife that cuts my heart to ribbons.

© June Saville 2008 All rights reserved. Not to be reproduced without written permission of the author.